Event Recordings

Know Your Islanders: Lisa Holt & PADs for Parkinson’s

Boyd Pratt: “Fish, Traps, and Pirates”

Thor Hanson: “Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid”

Island Owls: Shona Aitken

Farming Along the Old Military Trail: A View From San Juan Valley – Boyd Pratt

Know Your Islanders: Dr. Jason Hodin and the UW Labs Baby Seastar Program

Nature Matters – The Secret Life of Trees

Nature Matters: What’s in the Mix: Rocks and Minerals of the San Juan Islands

Know Your Islander: Winnie Brumsickle – Perfumer

Boyd Pratt: The Kanakas of San Juan Island

Nature Matters: Wetlands, Nature’s Nursery and Filtration System with Ranger Jeff

Nature Matters: What’s Bugging You? Insects from A to Z with Ranger Jeff and Cynthia Brast

Know Your Islanders: Pearl Schuman, Native Zest

Who Eats Whom with Hannah Greene

College Planning with Jennifer Boyden

Oak Knoll Farm – The Pope Greene Family

Kim Rutherford: Strait of Juan de Fuca Open-Water Swim

Dr. Deborah Giles: Eba, the Whale-Poop Sniffing Rescue Dog

Know Your Islanders: San Juan Island Distillery

Therese Finn : Classic Films for the Holidays

Know Your Islanders with Russel Barsh: The Land We Stand On

Veterans Day Memorial with Boyd Pratt & Robin Jacobson

Know Your Islanders: Ian Boyden, A Forest of Names

Madrona Murphy (Kwiaht): Fruitful Futures

Wild Side: Shona Aitken, Changeover Time

True Animal Stories with Clare Hodgson Meeker

Know Your Islanders Talk: Larry Wight, Four Months on the Southern Border
Resources Document

Lynda Mapes: Mother Orca Tahlequah: the Whale Who Changed the Conversation

Mike Vouri: The Explorers

Nature Matters: The Scoop on the Scat

Nature Matters: Threatened: Stories of Endangered Species in the Islands

Erica Bauermeister: House Lessons

KYI: John Rummel & Vicky Hipkin: Life on Mars: Past, Present, and Future

Know Your Islanders: Thane Pratt, Kokoda Sketches: A Birding Trek across Papua New Guinea

Nature Matters- Written in Stone, the Geology of the San Juans by Ranger Jeff

Beginning Surfer’s Guide to Internet Genealogy with Boyd Pratt

Nature Matters- Salmon Bank: The Fascinating Story of a Place we Love