The Lost City of Z: David Grann

If you grew up as I did, watching Saturday matinees like King Solomon’s Mines, The Lost World, and Journey to the Center of the Earth, then you will love David Grann’s Lost City of Z. In it he tells the story of one of the last great Victorian explorers, Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett. Sponsored by Britain’s Royal Geographical Society, Fawcett set out to locate an ancient civilization in the remote reaches of the Amazon. For more than 20 years he explored, fighting piranhas, electric eels, jaguars, vampire bats and anacondas as he searched the Amazon– an area around the size of the United States — in the hopes of discovering the ruins of a city with highly advanced art and culture. He called it the City of Z.  Grann writes this factual account with skill and passion- you will get swept up in the adventure, and invested in the outcome.

Soon to be released as a movie- I cannot wait to see how it has translated onto the big screen. Saturday matinees are back!




Genre: adventure, archaeology, exploration, history

Lucky Boy: Shanti Sekaran

A sweeping, riveting novel that takes on multiple issues from infertility, to adoption, to undocumented immigrants, to economic entitlement and entrenched racism. Sekaran’s writing style varies with each character’s voice but ultimately weaves a gripping tale of heart wrenching choices in contemporary America.  Set in California, the novel focuses on new mother Soli who is in the country without proper documentation, wanna-be mother Kavya whose parents immigrated to the U.S from India, and one small child who is desperately loved.


Genre: adoption, California, immigrants, India, racism