Online Payment & Refund Policy

Online Debit and Credit Card Payment Policies:

Because it offers patrons a convenient form of payment, increases the likelihood that charges will be collected, and saves staff time, it is in the best interests of the Library to accept online payment of fees, donations and other charges by debit or credit card. All debit or credit card transactions will be online only, and self-directed by patrons. Staff will not accept debit or credit card payments at this time.

A. Categories of payments: Online payments may be used to pay—
Library fees for lost or damaged items
Small purchases
Printing charges
Other charges as needed (e.g. surplus sales, room rentals, etc.)

B. A minimum transaction amount may be set by the director.

C. Responsibility for transaction processing costs: The Library does not charge a transaction or convenience fee at this time.

D. Privacy: Debit or credit card customer information is not subject to Public Records Disclosure. Also, such information is not subject for use for commercial purposes.

E. Security: All debit and credit card transactions are fully SSL encrypted and PCI DSS compliant. Cardholder data is never stored or exposed on library systems.

F. Authority to Contract: The Library shall establish and administer contracts with vendors for the acceptance and processing of electronic payments, including, but not necessarily limited to: merchant banking services, Internet payment gateway services, and third party electronic payment processors.

Refund Policy:

The San Juan Island Library does not give refunds for payments under any circumstances.