Hello, My Name is Doris (DVD)

Hello, My Name is Doris (DVD, 2016)

It’s always great fun watching Sally Field act her heart out as she does in this entertaining little film. The story focuses on an older, single woman who finds herself alone after her mother dies and subsequently struggles to find a new path for herself and claim her own personality. While the plot doesn’t hold together in places and too often lapses into wince-worthy stereotypes regarding women-of-a-certain age, Sally manages to find gold in every scene. The photography is bright and clear, co-stars are all well cast and believable (watch for Kumail Nanjiani as the quietly hilarious office colleague), and Sally’s costumes are fascinating assemblages (except for the 4-inch designer heels). Max Greenfield as the unsuspecting love interest strikes an impossibly believable note as a Manhattan nice guy. An enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half, watching an old friend do her inimitable thing.

Genre: comedy, New York, retirement, rom-com