The Heirs: Susan Rieger

Rupert Falkes has died, leaving behind an admirable wife, five fiercely loyal sons and a pile of money that no one seems to need.  So it comes as a surprise when, six months later, the family fights so hard to defeat a law suit brought by two young men who claim to be Rupert’s sons from a secret liaison.  And there’s an even bigger surprise in store when Rupert’s widow, Eleanor, decides to give the interlopers some money after their claim has been thrown out of court.

What’s going on here?

Rupert and Eleanor defy their upbringing to raise a brood of rambunctious, successful young men bound by their love of family and their belief in its inviolability. Little by little, that protective veneer is peeled back to reveal the deep longings that were hidden to maintain it and the outside forces that threatened but could not defeat it.

Surprisingly, the secrets that were suppressed in the name of family don’t make the promise of family less desirable, or these characters less lovable. Should we really care about a bunch New York elites who are richer and better looking than we’ll ever hope to be?  Only when they have something to tell us about love, loyalty and compromise. Oh, and keeping our mouths shut at the right time.



Genre: Family saga, inheritance, love, relationships, secrets