Youth Services in Action

What's Happening Now?

We are pleased to showcase the winning bookmarks from our "Build a Better World" bookmark contest for elementary school-age children.

Stella Ramirez


Parker Mason

First Grade

Mila Jackson

Second Grade

Jillian Otis

Third Grade

Vashti Arata

Fourth Grade

Ellie Lehman

Fifth Grade

Lupita Soto

Sixth Grade – Tie

Islay Ross

Sixth Grade – Tie

The winners received a gift certificate from Griffin Bay Bookstore and their winning design will be used as the Library’s free summer bookmarks.  All remaining entries are on display in the Children’s Library by Grade Level. Thanks to all who participated.

This month’s calendar link:

June Youth Services Event calendar

Created by our STEAMsters Club

San Juan Island Library’s After School Club promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math for registered students in grades 3, 4 and 5. The Club meets twice a month on Thursdays after school. Hosted by Kathy Babbitt and Melina Lagios.

STEAMsters Club March 2017 Grade 4 Video Project. Our 4th grade boys developed a murder mystery theme for their project. The wrote their script, made their puppets and theater. They used blown up photos from the internet to create backdrops. They chose to use the “Trailer” format when editing their video and wrote the liner notes for the dramatic trailer.