Library Facilities Assessment

Assessing Our Library Facilities Needs

When we ask Library patrons what we could improve about our Library’s facilities, the two most common answers are “more quiet space” and “parking.” In 2011, the Library surveyed the community in preparing our current Long Range Plan (for 2012-2017), and many respondents mentioned these and other facilities issues.

At the same time, the Library District is facing increasing costs from building maintenance, given the age and construction of the building. We face major projects like roof replacement, improving site drainage, and ongoing efforts to keep the basement clear of water and mold.

As a result, the Library District has begun a facilities assessment project, whose purpose is to:

  • Understand the community’s needs for Library space
  • Understand the mechanical and maintenance issues associated with our current building and site
  • Outline the options available to the community for Library facilities

Facilities Assessment Process

The Library District will be surveying the community again, to gather information, generate ideas, and get your opinion about the options available to enhance Library facilities in the coming years.

Our process will include many opportunities for the community to participate:

  • A written survey, mailed to community members that live in the Library District
  • Public meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • A committee of patrons, community members, and interested parties to work on facilities options with us

We will be planning our survey and initial meetings during a work session on September 15, 2015. This meeting, like all meetings of the Trustees, is an open public meeting and the public is welcome to attend and speak.

Minutes from Facilities Assessment Meetings

Although specific issues are often discussed at the regular monthly Board of Trustees meetings (3 pm on the second Tuesday of each month, in the Library meeting room), we also conduct dedicated work sessions. Any meeting we conduct is an open public meeting, which we advertise in the newspaper, and the public is welcome.

The notes and minutes from our work sessions are kept along with the regular Board of Trustees meeting minutes located on our website. Additionally, we will post links here to work session and public forum meetings specifically about facilities assessment and planning.